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MAP's Partners

MAP's partners are charitable individuals and registered charities that receive money grants from MAP and provide help to people overseas. An example of this the charity Pump Aid. Over the years MAP has provided money to enable Pump Aid to provide many elephant pumps in Africa.

Here is information about Charities we have partnered in the last few years

Intercare - Distribute prescription drugs, equipment and dressings to hospitals in Africa unable to fund them their selves. Read the latest information here and an overview can be found here

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital - providing free eye care. Read more here 

CareCo and the Trevor Huddleston Association for the Disabled  - Accommodation, equipment and help with running cost of centre for employing disabled people and associated Gonzague Pierre Louis Special Learning Centre   Rodrigues Island - latest news here

ZANE - Zimbabwe -a national emergency - helping people in Zimbabwe with food and medical care - more information here

Tools for Self Reliance - collecting tools and renovating them in the UK and supplying along with training to African craftsmen. Read more here.

Pump Aid - - provision of clean water in Africa. Read more here

SEED Madagascar - improvements in food production and provision of clean water and sanitation in Madagascar. Read more here


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  • here are some other  Partners MAP has worked with over the years


    Kids for kids - providing kid goats to refuge families in southern Sudan

    Bendoree / Diane Bostock

    Double Joy Children's Farm

    HIV/AIDS impacts far beyond prematurely taking the lives of its victims by blighting the futures of dependent children (and sometimes elderly parents too).


    Double Joy's mission is to help some of these youngsters pick up the pieces of their shattered childhood and survive with meaningful futures.

    Send a cow

    Target TB

    Sight Savers


    Christian Blind Mission